STARTING - a short english compendium for hurried readers


In seven mathematical / physical publications - four in London and one paper in Germany, in USA and the former UdSSR - I proved that

+ Complex Numbers, Vectors, Quaternions
++ Circles, Angles, Euclidean Geometry
+++ Coordinate System, Space-time, Lorentz Transformation
++++ Velocity, Physical Motion, Physical Quanta

can be seen with new eyes, if well-behaved, famous, historically fixed ideas of these basic concepts are viewed from the higher standpoint of NATURAL GEOMETRY.


1. ANGLE is a geometrical basic figure that possesses TWO APEXES.

2. That a Non-Euclidean geometry also exists, which possesses triangles with the Euclidean angle sum.

3. In special (microphysical) situations MOTIONS and the natural three-dimensional SPACE of our experiences can exactly and physically usefully described without using traditional basic concepts as POINT, STRAIGHT LINE (TANGENT), DISTANCE, TIME.

4. One can rid of some obstructive ideological biases, if we use not only the traditional geometric model of the Complex Field (GAUSS/ARGAND-PLANE) but also the new model of complex and quaternionic numbers created by Natural Geometry.

5. The traditional model of Euclidean triangles can often be substituted by the TETRAGLOBE MODEL of Natural Geometry; a radical substitution, which can be compared with an option that Copernicus has introduced.

6. That a very precise concept of PHYSICAL QUANTA is reached, if these geometrical/physical basic ideas are grasped as MATHEMATICAL NUMBERS.

7. That the Einstein-Newtonian concept of a physical POINT-SPACE should be substituted by a space concept, which possesses NUMBERS = QUANTA = QUATERNIONEN as primary basic structures.

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